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And we're off!

Is it going be a roller coaster? Probably!

Is it gonna be easy? Nah - not a hope boy
(you'd never guess we're based in Cork would ya?)

Are we gonna get there?
Well this one will tell in time but to quote my Nan as she made
her infamous home made cures from old wives tales and the grapevine
'twill either kill ya or cure ya'!
Here's to plenty of cures or at least safe alternatives :)

What does the name mean?
Céadfaí is Irish gaelic for Senses
Hence the tag line:  Indulge your senses

What is our goal?
​Our ambition set clearly as to make a range of products
which are safe and ethical
​   Care for all as you care for you

What's our product 5* aim?
All our products aim to be effective and do what it says on the tin while also being:
​              * Cruelty free
​              * Natural ethically sourced ingredients in minimal packaging
​(quality over quantity!)
​              *  Feed your senses as well as your soul
              * Organic & Vegan where possible

              * Zero waste (as much as possible!), Zero harm (always and forever) - No phtalates, no sls, ....​]]>
<![CDATA[Vegan - ya right pull the other one!]]>Thu, 20 Feb 2020 11:42:06 GMThttp://www.blarneydanceacademy.ie/blog/vegan-ya-right-pull-the-other-oneThe Reluctant Journey towards a Vegan lifestyle from someone who loves steak medium-rare!

​Time certainly does change us and kids even more. 
The carefree days where we would travel without worry and do what we felt like too have changed!  First pregnancy is full of excitement, expectation, fear and raging hormones. 
Once the morning or in some cases every hour sickness eases
it's lovely to enjoy the blooming period before the beach whale feeling sets  in :)
Then of course just when you think your worry is over as the pregnancy ends,
it dawn's on you that this is actually your child
and you are responsible for another human being

Along with the immense joy of your precious arrival is a dose of reality.
No the extra two stone you pilled on because you were eating for two
doesn't just disappear when you give birth! 

So sorry love, no you won't just jump back into your jeans like the celebs seem to.

​Of course you want what's best for them and a world full of opportunity and hope. 
After months of trying to go by the book as you do
- first baby, going to do everything as the ​experts say....
you realise it's you not some expert behind book pages, so
you take the scary leap of actually trusting your own gut! 
After all the exact plan in your head your envisaged from reading expert tips is no match for
the newest youngest little boss in the house born with their own huge personality. 

As the years went by we were blessed with more bambinos to expand our family. 
As the older siblings keep reminding us
we are much softer on the younger ones than we were on them. 
In my day.... OMG we're not 20 something anymore!

​So 'roll it there Colette' to now having a young lady,
almost legally an adult who certainly knows her own mind
and is educating her parents as well as her younger siblings! 
Delighted that our parenting didn't turn her into a lunatic
so we must have done something right! 
That topped of course by her strong and caring nature with
the exuberance of youth to seek out
an ideal world abundant in equality and ethics. 

She has encouraged us to watch the likes of
Cowspiracy & What the Health
which has certainly made me rethink the entire meat and two veg option. 

Waste not want not as the auld saying goes! 
Zero waste/zero harm... if only we lived what was preached :)

My go to meal at a restaurant (which is now rare treat!) is steak medium-rare.
Oh-ooohhhh is the shtake under threat?

I began my journey along the road towards a more vegan/zero waste/zero harm lifestyle.
  I must say to start with cutting back on excess is a big step in itself,
then venturing towards cruelty free and preferably vegan cosmetics 
but next is the major hurdle of food - dan dan daaaaan.... 
step 1 switching spag bol for quorn bol and chicken curry for quorn curry
- ok we can do this - but then - oh no...
Is there an alternative for steak?  Please tell me if there is!!!

​April 2017